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Preparing to die

In Japan, there is a word.

If you mind to prepare to die, you can do everything.

It's true. Because Death is the last choice of the life.

But What is preparing to die.

I can feel very boring in my life now.

Noone appreciate me at all.

And my opinions are always denied or ignore.

It is the biggest reason to discourage my mind.

And I cannot share it to anyone.

It seems to me that no one can understand my situation deeply.

Because I cannot explain well. and I have none to be able to share it.

I could understand it is my problem. But I cannot find any result.

Recently, I always think about die.

If I die, who will feel sad...

My Family...

I think also, if I will make will to die, How do I write it.

To my friends.

I can. Even they cry.

To Office, my boss.

Never mind, No problem. No one feel really sad. only that time. I know.


How can I write to my family...

I can image very easy my parent will be cry.

They might be crazy...

I really don't want to make them to be cry/crazy.

So I cannot be die, becaus…

My life is ...

It's so boring. It's not interesting, exciting.

I feel bad everyday. There is nothing.

Sometimes I think... I don't need here... I don't need to live more...

But I don't have courage to die myself.

I'm weak and have trifling life.

I can understand why it's so boring.

Because of myself, my character, and my everything.

However I cannot change myself yet...

I always think I don't need in this world,

this area, those people, even my colleague, acquaintances...

I get hard to keep this life...

DOLE Farmer in Muntain Province

oday I went to mountain Province, beside our benguet province.

It was very far... it takes 3 hours from here.

I visited in DOLE contract farmer in mountain province.

They are 15 labors.

They are harvesting Romain Lettuce twice a week.

2t/harvest. Monday and Thursday.

Then they bring their vegetables to La Trinidad.

They contracted since 1995.

They can harvest 7 times a year.

It is romain lettuce.

So they take only 1.5 month for harvest from transplanting.

They are spraying only 3 times in crop season.

Because they are using their compost every crop season.

They are using vegetable garbage and alnos leaves.

They are selling to DOLE 50 pesos per kilo.

They are using fertilizer for watering.

It's used 5 times in a day, in average.

It depends on the weather.

They are not getting any materials from DOLE.

Only technology and some seed which you cannot get in Philippines.

They have very good soil and management.

But I cannot believe they can plant 7 times in a year,

with they have none soil problem, and soil …


I passed a store, what was taken care of someone I really really liked.

In recent, I couldn't see her,

and even if I texted sometimes,

She didn't reply it. So I almost gave her up.


She is there today when I have to do my duty in somewhere.

She talked someone.

And I saw her, then I smiled her, she also.

I know it doesn't mean anything.


I was happy on that time when i saw her,

but after that, I have had heartache...

I shouldn't see her. Because I didn't mind it.


It's too difficult for me...

Then after I finished to do my duty,

I went back to home, with expecting to see her again.

But, She just left there, just finished to talk with someone.

I might have no chance to see her again.

And I get heartache if she has boyfriend or someone.

I cannot do anything...

I have no courage for talking with her, and have a date.

Scheiße Mann!!!

Purified Wood Vinegar

When you collect Mokusaku, itis still crude Mokusaku.

You can use, but it's not good quality.

Because it has tar, and also more watery.

You may use for composting and fertigation.

It's for soil.

If you want to use for spraying, you should let it settle first.

It's minimum 1 month, but better longer, 6 month, 1 year or 5 years.

You can collect tar as sediment. and also water at top part of the liquid.

Collect middle part, it is better quality, substances are concentrated.

You can use this part for spraying.

But you can purify more.

Settlement again.

Then Distillation.

You can collect transparently mokusaku.

It's good for livestock using as feed supplement.

And if you can collect very very pure liquid,

you can use for human being, and also injection for livestock.

Attention for usage Wood Vinegar

This liquid is NOT chemical fertilizer and even also NOT pesticide.

And this liquid is still researched by many people.

This liquid has not so strong effect.

And you should continue to use to see the effects.

Soil Supplement

In Yokomori san’s farm in Japan,

he uses charcoal and mokusaku as soil supplement.

Charcoal has a lot of holes,

which are very good for micro-organisms nest.

And mokusaku contains a lot of organic substances.

So they are good for micro-organisms feeds.

So this material make micro-organisms to propagate in your field.

How to make it.

Collect powdered charcoal, the best size is 3mm. And use dried charcoal.

And also mokusaku. it doesn't matter of mokusaku quality.

Then mix them to make 30% moist content.

After mixing, you should spread to your field as soon as possible.

Because mokusaku would evaporate.

Spread 100-500kgs/10a.

What the most important is continuing to spread, not only once, twice...

Every crop season.

You may find the effect, if you continue to spread.


Yokomori san’s composting uses dried grass,

mushroom compost, carbonated rice hull, compost,

chicken dung and mokusaku. No need to use all of these.

Use locally available materials as much as you can.

Pile them up like a sandwich.

When the temperature gets higher than 70 degrees,

turn it to cool down and mix oxygen into compost.

Turning is been 5-6 times.


And his theory, he is using half ripe compost.

Because there are a huge number of micro-organisms are in compost.

If you use final product, complete ripen compost,

the micro-organism's phase in the compost is

more monotone than processing compost.

The micro-organisms phase are changing on composting processing.

So he is using half ripe compost.

But you might think of nitrogen hunger.

He said about it. If you use mokusaku, composting is faster.

So even he spread half ripe compost, it can ferment in winter season.

And also he has used this half ripe compost long time.

So the compost before he put already finish to process.

That's why he desn…

Briefing on Good Farming Practice

Today We were attended an event. It's named "Briefing on Good Farming Practice".

Municipality of La Trinidad conducted it.

Here, La Trinidad OTOP(One Town One Product) is strawberry.

Then They are practicing Organic strawberry and lesser chemical product.

In this area, it called strawberry farm. It owned by BSU.

Then this area, 1 ha is using for project and demonstration field.

This time, they make project of Predatory mites and Mokusaku to farmers.

Washington state university and La Trinidad are are researching

and practicing predatory mites to spider mites.

The spider mites are very big problem for strawberry producing.

Then Today it was a demonstration event to release the predatory mites.

The Governor of Benguet, Mayor of La Trinidad, President of BSU

and Director of BPI-CAR were released predatory mites to strawberry.

After releasing pradatory mites, they introduced mokusaku and our project.

Yokomori san talked about mokusaku to use for faming

and how important is the soil for fa…

Clinical experiment

Now I have some problem in my body...

High cholesterol, activity of lever, and my scheisse belly...

Then I learned a little about charcoal and wood vinegar for livestock.

What I learned this material is that

it is very good for livestock to regulate their body to health.

So I thought it is good also human body...

I just wanted to try for my body...

This material is sold in japan named Nekka-Rich.

This product is for livestock.

So i feel good also for human...

I hope...

I'm taking twice a day, morning and evening.

The quantity is 3-5g. I think.

For livestock we give them 1.0-1.5% of their feed.

So I follow this ratio.

I hope there is none poison to human body...

And also I wish my body become better.

Got Neem Oil

I got neem. Near my apartment, I have a friend who manage trading post.

Fortunately i have known him through a lady who is working green house company.

Then He had neem oil from manila.

I requested to him to bring it up here.

Then this evening at last i got neem oil.

This neem oil is from India, and good for human body.

But not good for drinking.

Anyway I want to use experiment as a insecticide, mixing with wood vinegar.

Usually neem oil, even neem plant act insecticide.

Actually it is not killing insect.

It has substances insects to avoid.

And also for antipruritic.

There are just a part of neem effects.

Neem has still a lot of effects.


Then why i wanted to get this oil...

I mix this oil with wood vinegar.

The ratio is neem oil : mokusaku = 100mL : 10L

Then we can spray as a insecticide.

This ratio is this liquid : water = 1 : 200.

So in this project, we are going to experiment.

Mokusaku and charcoal for Livestock

Today we visited in Tublay, where is a municipality beside La Trinidad.

It is 15-20 min from my place.

Why we visited to there...

Because there is a provincial veterinarian's bleeding center.

It's like a experiment center for provincial veterinarian's office.

Last week we visited their office.

That time we discussed about Charcoal and wood vinegar for livestock.

Then they were interested in this material.

So we were planning to start experiment for chickens and swine.

There are a lot of theis and research in japan

about effects of charcoal and wood vinegar for livestock.

So we are also going to experiment for those animals.

If they get good result, they will appreciate this material.

And also we can talk to farmers. There are good result for livestock,

so this material, mokusaku and charcoal, make good effects to soil, too.

Then hopefully, we can expand Organic-Based farming.

Then this time, we are going to use chicken and swine for experiments.

For swine, we'll see their weight and d…

Visit in a farm

Today I visited a farmer.

He is producing Organic Vegetable. Cabbage, Baguio beans and zucchini.

Usually he sell to organic market in manila.

But the store is not so big, so he cannot sell all products.

So his anti asked us to sell his vegetable in project store.

Actually I let my teacher going to his farm.

But my teacher has back pain. he cannot walk a lot.

So only I visited to his farm.

We went up and down hard step.

We passed river.

We walked on mountain.

At last we arrived at his farm.

That houses are where we dropped vehicle.

It's far... Maybe it was not so far, but hard way. I think around 1 km.

He was using Vermicompost for the farm. he used 200kg.

He carryed total 200kgs into his farm...

It's very hard work.

And also he carry vegetable up to road can pass car.


In Philippines, especially mountain side,

they have to carry fertilizer and harvested products

to farm or to road.

It's the big duty on their farming.


He said the vegetable price is not so good.

Sometimes he can pay only t…


I'm translating a paper now.

I didn't know word "airpot"

there is none in my dictionary.

So i searched on internet.

it found image.

Ah. It is.



I forgot japanese name...

I had to take a minute to remember this name...

Schwach kopf...

Mokusaku Effect 1

He is one of this project farmer.

He is producing chrysanthemum for all saint's day

and some special day in Philippines.

And also he is producing cucumber and some kinds vegetables.

Last time he tried to spray mokusaku to chrysanthemum.

He sprayed mokusaku, diluted by 300 times.


He got a effect of mokusaku.

He found the difference of chrysanthemum leaves.

He found thicker leaves.

He didn't talked/explained me in details.

Because he didn't compare with control.

But he is always, how many years, producing chrysanthemum.

So he could find difference.

It means chrysanthemum become stronger against insect ans fungus.

So you can expect to reduce pesticide spraying.

It is very good for your health.

And also farming management.

Mokusaku with Chili

Usually Mokusaku has not so strong effect to insect and fungus.

But if you mix mokusaku with something, you may get very goo effect to them.

for example, if you mix mokusaku with chili, you can use to spray as insecticide.

1. Mix mokusaku with chili. Ratio is 1 litter:100grams

2. Leave it for 2-3 month.

3. The liquid is used to spray. Ratio is 1(the liquid):200(water).

Mokusaku is able to absorb other plants substances.

In case of this, mokusaku absorb substance of chili.

So mokusaku got spicy from chili.

That's why, if you spray this liquid,

insect's surface is burned by this liquid.

It is the same phenomenon what the effect of chili to your skin.

If you put chili juice onto your skin,

this part will be hot or little bit burned.


You should spray this liquid once a week, and 3 times continuously.

After it, insects are not coming your plants.


And also you can mix mokusaku with any kinds plants

which has good effect, or good substances.

For example, garlic, Houttuynia cordata, neem, and so …


I went to Immigration today. I must extend staying period.

... constructing...

AY!!! There is nothing here in Immigration (before)...

There are only constructing materials...

where is immigration...


Expiring date is 17... but I'll be very busy next week.

I must get next period...

At first i have to know where...

Manong... I asked constructing labor. Where is the immigration office changed?

"I don't know."


I should ask someone... but who...

I tried to ask person in City hall. they may know where. they are officer,

same group with immigration officer.


The didn't know where...

someone told me, there is a information paper there.


How far it is!!

why you can read it. almost 20m far. and how small paper and letter.

i went back to entrance of immigaration.

it's wrote...

BID Office

Moved to...




Where is there...? I don't know this address...

I need to ask taxi driver. They know all map in baguio.

taxi driver said i know o.k.

Then i ride taxi.

but taxi dr…

Seminar in BSU

Last time I wrote about visit BSU Students.

Then this day Yokomori san talked about mokusaku in BSU,

college of agriculture building.

He talked about outline of Mokusaku.

what is mokusaku.

how to use for farming.

how is the effects to livestock.

This seminar, more than 30 participants were listening yokomori san's presentation.

They are almost students in plant pathology laboratory.

They are really interested in mokusaku.

I wish they will be using this material.

Organizing Association of Farmer

Project farmers will organize new farmer's association.

This association is operated project farmers. of course, ex trainees in Nagano.

This association's products is organic-Based farming production.

It is based on soil improvement. It's not PURE organic farming.

Because pure organic farming is difficult to manage as business,

and also difficult for here where is already damaged

by a lot of chemical fertilizer and pesticide.

However we must produce safe and high value products.

So this farming method is from Yokomori san,

who experienced farming reduced chemicals with soil improvement.

So they are trying to produce organic- based vegetable,

maybe also strawberry and flowers.

Now the member is 14 farmers.

This day they were signing for registration to DOLE.

after they apply this registration, this association is on official.

Then this association is supported by La Trinidad.

Anyway this association is starting just now.

I hope they are trying to manage it and

also their farming to earn mor…

BSU Students

Today BSU (Benguet State University) students visited in Induyan, Municipal Compost center.

They are in Pathology laboratory in BSU.

There were around 20 students.

They are interested in Mokusaku.

And their doctor wants to study about mokusaku.

The students are already 4th grade.

So they have already their graduation thesis.

Yokomori san was explaining to students about mokusaku

and soil improvement with organic materials.

The students were asking to him something.

Substance in mokusaku.

character of mokusaku.

How to use mokusaku for farming.

How is the effect of mokusaku to plants, disease and insect.


And also they were visiting compost center.

The mokusaku is the very new material in Philippines.

So if they study, analyze and research,

the results will become very important research in Philippines

to spread technology of mokusaku and charcoal.

It is wonderful future for Philippines farmer and also this project.

And also it is very nice experiments for students.

They are very lucky, because they can …

Masanobu Hukuoka

Today i watched documentary movie of Masanobu Hukuoka.

Masanobu Hukuoka, he advocated "Natural Farming"

It is not using fertilizer and pesticide, none cultivating and none watering.

So It is not on human activity. we leave farm such as nature.

Then he also advocated clay ball. he was using on his nature farming.

This movie is about spread his technology in India.

There is natural farming, his technology, in India.

And also there are many in the world.

There are a lot of his believer.

He said. the nature knows everything. the nature is the god.

For example, plants have disease.

It means the nature teach us some problem.

And also you can find some problem from harm of insect.

His opinion is that everything is on the balance of the nature.

If the balance is changed, unbalanced, the nature show us it as a problem for us.


I known him in my high school.

I impressed his philosophy.

I had dreamed i would live on his philosophy.

Even now, if I can, I want to experience his philosophy.


It is ju…






















Real character of wood vinegar 1

Mokusaku(=wood vinegar) is what is very complicated.

When you use Mokusaku as disease and insect control,
we hear many story such as it was effected to them or not.

Besides, there are many differences analysis data depends on wood variety.

This is sure, mokusaku quality is difference depends on wood variety.

And also you can separate/refine on effective substances.

But I wonder in either case are not real character of mokusaku.

You cannot separate micro-organisms from mokusaku,
even if you use any method.

However, if you dilute little by little,
micro-organisms propagate above a level of concentration.

Micro-organisms which propagate at first are Acidophile microorganisms
what like in acidic environment.

Then micro-organisms which like organic acid propagate.

Even if you dilute acetic acid, main substance of mokusaku,
you will not get same result.

And also you will not get same result from the experiment using phenol
that is estimated as a sterilizing substance.

sometimes we have illusion that we can…

Ich habe kopfschmerzen






Medical Certificate健康診断書

Personal Data Sheet履歴書

NBI Clearance無犯罪証明書


Birth Certificate出生証明書






Personal Data sheetは面接後、書いてもらった。すぐ。それはもう日本。







Birth CertificateがBaby Boy・・・時間かかるやんけ。

フィリピンはなんだかシステムがおかしくてNation WideのBirth Certificateとるんにたまに申請がうまくいってない人たちがいる。

その人たちの名前はBaby Boy or Baby Girl.なんやねんそれ。

もう体験済みで大丈夫。Birth Certificate本当の名前のやつ取るのに時間かかるけれど。

誰ですか、名前がBirth Certificateとるまで間違ってた人。

First Nameのスペルが分かってなかった人。






Burned by Spraying

This Chinese cabbage leaves is changed to yellow color on the edge of leaves.

My teacher said me.

it is caused by strong pesticide.

But it's not so problem, he said.

Because those plant are still small, young.

So they can cure it. You can see new green leaves the center of Chinese cabbage

And if you spray strong pesticide when plants are young, the leaves
become stronger against insect and disease.

But it's not non-problem. So you should spray early morning or late evening.

Because in that time, there is moist on leaves. So leaves are hard to be
burned by pesticide.

Mokusaku Fertigation

The Mokusaku is good material for soil.

When you use mokusaku for soil, you can use it diluted by 10-20.

1 litter of the diluted liquid is fertigated for 1 plant.

You can get those effects.

1. The liquid control nematodes in field, soil.

2.The liquid let roots of plant vitalize.

3.The liquid make useful micro-organisms to vitalize.

I experienced when bell pepper has some problem.

Bell pepper leaves withered and have some spot.

Then I fertigated Mokusaku.

After how many days, bell pepper made healthy young leaves.

So mokusaku made bell pepper to be health.

I'm not sure the reasons.

It might be caused by vitalization of roots.

It might be caused mokusaku substances absorbed as nutrition.


This picture is cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

It is almost 3 weeks after transplanting.

when the are such as big, we should do "hacken". I don't know english word.

This activity is what removing weeds.

Weeds are usually still small when plants are like this picture .

Then also moving soil. and also make soil to be finer.

Because, we can cut weed's roots. and cut small weeds.

So we don't need to remove weeds again.

Because next time Plant's leaves are already cover soil.

So Weeds are not so fast to grow.But it's not only this effects.

Also, soil can keep moist. Because capillary tube of soil are destroyed.

So moist stay in soil.















































Es ist egal...15


































Mokusaku Filiage Spray

It's a one of usage of Mokusaku.

If you spray pesticide, you'd better to mix mokusaku with pesticide.

Bucause mokusaku make penetration be better. So you can reduce amount of fungicide and insecticide with keeping effect.

Then you need only small amount for mokusaku to mix with your pesticide.

It is diluted by 100 to 500 diluted with water or pesticide.

Why is it big width, 100 to 500...?

Because mokusaku is not same substance, depending on material ( wood, bamboo, bark etc.)

and processing ( temperature in oven, settlement etc.) and also depends on situation of your farm, plants.

Anyway you should practice to get good effects from this liquid.

And this liquid is very acidic. so you can expect to spray only mokusaku.

it's good for fungus like gray mold. etc. you can spray to plant diluted liquid to cure some disease.

and mokusaku makes leaves to be strong, when you spray seedling, or small, young plants.

Because mokusaku makes leaves burn, but just little bit. So the young plants cure…

Charactor of Mokusaku

The Mokusaku has a lot of organic substances.

And also it is very acidic liquid (pH 2-3).

So it has many effects.

It's very good effect for curing athlete's foot.

Athete's foot is very problem our feet. The feet is very itchy when you are infected...

But if you soak your infected foot in mokusaku. and keep a few minutes, the itches is disappeared.

And even if you get burn, this liquid is a great help to cure it.

Just spread this liquid on burned skin. It becomes faster to cure.


Mokusaku makes cluster of water smaller.

So the water is easy to penetrate.

It means if you mix this liquid with cosmetic foundation, substances of foundation are easy to penetrate into skin.

If you mix this liquid with fungicide and insecticide, also those substances can easily penetrate into leaves of plants.

Wood Vinegar - Mokusaku-

In this project, I'm introducing this material. it is called Mokusaku in Japan. It's Wood Vinegar.

When you burn wood, you can see smoke, of course. If the smoke is condensed, you can collect Mokusaku.
In Japan, it has winter. so we can collect in winter season. Because it's easy to condense smoke with long chimney.

But here in Philippine, it's not cold. so we have to use something to condense for smoke.

So we are using water to condense smoke.
we always flow water around

This drop is Mokusaku, condensed smoke.

This is the color.

there are a lot of organic substances in this liquid. more than 200 kinds.

-Organic acid. it's formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, butyric acid etc.

-Phenol group.

-Carbonyl group. it's formaldehyde acetaldehyde, etc.

-Alcohol. it's ethanol, methanol, etc.

-Neutral materials. it's levoglucosan, aceton, maltol, etc.

-Base(acidic substances). it's ammonia, methylamine, dimethylamine, etc.

Then Mokusaku is pH 2-3. So it's very acid…

das Fahrrad

Today I ride bicycle. I had no idea,

But I just wanted to see Chinese sea on mountain.

But... I didn't remember where exact place.

I lost the way...

and there are a lot of hills, uphills and downhills.

there are very hard hills.

it was very hard to go up.

But it was very nice wind when i went downhills.

There are nice view and nice wind after hardship.

1/3 of the way, I walked with my bicycle.

Somewhere ( left- upper side), it's very lower place.

So I felt little bit warmer than my town.

I went down a lot...

And I had good place to see the sea.

But It was foggy there... I couldn't see the sea...

it took almost 2 hours until Baguio.

When i went uphill with walking, someone who ride bicycle passed...

I want to be like that... strong legs...

other time, also when i walked, someone went down this hill.

He greeted me with smile. I also returned with smile.

I felt all of bicycle rider are my friends.

When i arrived at my home, of course, i was hungry...






ここは、リージョン4B という地域ですが、是非デモプラントを設置して普及させたいということで、農業省が資材を集めて横森さんに作成の指導を依頼してきました。



One of Barangay in La Trinidad

This Place, Barangay, is called Bineng.

It's also in La Trinidad. So it's in Philippines.

Noone believe there is the view like this in Philippines.

There are mountains.

And there are road along the mountains, along those cliff.

You should visit here to experience this area.

You will be impressed with this mountains, cliff, and view.

die Keimung

Sind sie die Brennnesseln?

La Trinidad

this is my municipality La Trinidad.

I got this picture in municipal hall.

There is very big picture there.

There are a lot of houses along mountain.

Then center, there are farm. Lettuce, strawberry, they are planting.

I think it's 100ha this flat area.

this flat area was crater long time ago. So it looks like basin.

here is almost 1,200m above sea level.

It's cold now... daytime it becomes 25 degrees Celsius. but in night time it becomes 13 degrees Celsius...

So it's very nice climate for vegetables and strawberry. and me...

but here is named swamp area. so in rainy season, especially typhoon comes most of field is flooded...

So they cannot harvest any well...

However, here also in Baguio, is named summer capital. So this season President often visits here. and also a lot of visitors, tourist. because of this nice climate.

I already get be used this climate. So when I go to manila, i feel too much hot... i don't like low land cause it's hot...

Someday i talked one Japanese com…


Training how to make Kuntan (Carbonized rice hull)


Burning Chamber and Chimney using galvanized iron.
Heating in burning chamber with fire wood or something.
So, space in Burning chamber should be wide.
and also the legs should not be so long.
Because, if it is long, fire spread to rice hull.


making high chimney. Because when the chimney is heat, air in chimney is going up.
I'm not sure why, but I think heated air is going up. So if chimney is long, it makes air strong to go up.
That's why even if we pile up rice hull around burning chamber, air goes into burning chamber. So it keeps tp burn in there.


But, if fire is too strong, it makes ass, not Kuntan. So we make lower chimney.
Because lower Chimney is not strong to breathe into chimney. Then the fire b…