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In market

Our vegetable are sold here, at hanger market in baguio. I could bring only 1 crates. But almost every morning.
If you bring huge amount at once, market side has big waste, sometimes. So it's better to deliver good amount for the market, and also almost always. They could sell fresh vegetable everyday.
It's benefit for consumers.
Produces must think consumer's/market's benefit.

Why are you so strong now?

Why are you strong today? It's very nice. You can collect a lot of mokusaku. But why...? Always you don't breathe smoke out... Maybe just started to burn...?

The Value

Today, i got a postcard from my friend.I was happy today.Because of the postcard.It’s already antique…You need to take long time to write.Arriving is very late.If you send e-mail or SMS, you can send how many times more than letter.However…I could think the time. During your friend was writing with thinking. And the way from there to here.And the moment I open envelope, to read the inside.All parts of letter/postcard are special, unlike others……In Philippines, there are a lot of service of cell phone.You can send a lot of text with no payment.You can call with no payment…You can send SMS anytime, call anytime.Those are also good. But I might feel them with cheap sometimes……I could feel something warm from the letters.…Dziękuję za list :))


The richest time. This Jeepney is running only for me. Hehehe.
It's cause of bad environment and traffic...
I like Jeepney. I think it's safe. If you pay money, passengers hand your payment to driver. Noone steals the money. Even if driver mistakes the change, everyone returns it. And even if it's full, they make space for passenger. It's very nice community in Jeepney.

Neues Tag

Being alone

How many hours in a day are we being really alone...? To think deeply of myself... I don't have the time, even i'm alone. But suddenly i think to want to send text to someone, or to contact someone... I cannot be really alone... Before, i could have that time to think of myself and other things. But i'm not already used to be that. Why...? Am i busy? Am i lazy? Am i stupid? Do i not see my future...? Even though my mind is becoming closer, to keep myself... I cannot open my mind for others... And... Even though, i cannot endure being alone... I want someone to care of me... But sometimes not... I'm used to be alone... But also i feel lonely... I have only one heart, but it seems the heart to be broken up... Who am i...? What do i have...? Does something need me...? ... I don't know...

Egal egal egal...

I was not enjoying there... I was worrying you were enjoying or not... Even when i watched there, i don't remember anything. I was just thinking of... I couldn't understand what you were talking with them... I'm afraid of everything... I know i always mistook same things... But i cannot improve myself... I wish... If there were no language in the world... But... I hate myself. Even if i try to do for you, i just have regrets... It's better that i don't do anything... So i'm not hurt, you are not hurt... I have nothing. I am just here... Even i'm not here, the world is going on... Noone needs me...

Dump site

Here is a dump site in our municipallity... Our garbage are coming to here. They just collect all of garbage, then waste here. There are all kinds of garbage, kitchen waste, bottle, plastic, paper can and any kinds...
We must know it. And we must consider our environment.
What shall we do...?

Facility for agriculture

Tublay municiparity constructed composting and mokusaku plant.
Today it is launching ceremony here.
They produce mokusaku and compost. Then they provide to farmers. Here, they don't have vegetable garbage, so they collect grass from mountain or any area.
It's very nice first step for better farming. But anyway this facility must be for farmers. I hope here will be going on very well for farmers.