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Source of life is based on food.The food is same to medicine.So you should take good food for your health.…It is meaning of the word.…If you always eat meat, especially fat,you may have diseases,for example, diabetic, high blood, etc.…Vegetables have variety of nutrition.Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and like.Those nutrition make your health.…But the most important is to continue.You will not have the result if you don't continue.…When I was in Germany, Someone told me.“You are already 3 month here. So You are already German.Because you have always eaten German food.Your body is already made by German food.”I’m not sure it is correct.But anyway you need to continue 3 month, 1 yearor more to have result of nutrition by food.…Most of people knows vegetables are good for health,and also the result.But most of the people is not continuing.It’s too difficult for us to continue……We first make our habits, and then our habits make John Dryden


<食中毒対策>カンピロバクター 鶏肉の生食やめると予防に効果 食品安全委が注意喚起yahooより。そもそも、鶏肉を生で食べるのか、と思ったけれど・・・食中毒。カンピロバクターにひかれました。奴は、動物の腸内に住んでいて、人間の体の中に入ると悪さをする。おなか痛くなったり、熱がでたり。で、プロジェクトで炭と木酢にお世話になっていていろいろ情報が入ってきます。・・・木酢と炭粉末を家畜のえさに1.5%くらい混ぜると、体内の悪い細菌を殺したり、除去したりして抗生物質を使わなくても健康なウシやブタやニワトリが生産される。・・・たとえば、ニワトリの体内のサルモネラ菌を完全に除去できたり、Eliminating the carriage of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis in domestic fowls by feeding activated charcoal from bark containing wood vinegar liquid (Nekka-Rich).仔牛や豚の下痢を予防したり、Control of Bovine Cryptosporidiosis by Feeding Activated Charcoal from the Bark Containing Wood Vinegar Liquid (Nekka-Rich)そんなこんなで、炭と木酢はすごいようです。・・・しかも、今、巷で大流行のインフルエンザにも良いようです。動物で・・・この前、鳥インフルエンザが流行っていた時に、炭と木酢をやっていたニワトリ畜舎で、鳥インフルエンザが出なかったようです。・・・動物にもいいようだったら人にも良いと思う・・・炭と木酢。

めっちゃ便利 『キングソフト 辞書』


Extension of the Project

JICA asked to extend projectIn this week, there are article about this project extension.Now Governor, all of Mayors in Benguet and many persons are pushing to extend this project.Mr. Yokomori’s technologies are very helpful for the farmers.…I’m wondering…How are farmers thinking of this project…?Some farmers are very interested in his technologies.Some farmers are already practicing the technologies.Many people are very interested in Mokusaku.How about others…?I mean other technologies, especially soil enrichment.And also many other farmers…They might not know this project.But we conducted a lot of training, and seminar.I don’t know how many percent of the participants are practicing the technologies……Mr. Yokomori is always telling me that it is very difficult to let farmers change.…We could only make demonstration for farmers to observe those technologies…Most of farmers are saying "I cannot believe it before I see in real.”…It is a farmer’s mental.…Anyway it is a most importan…

It’s an ordinary day…

It’s an ordinary day…She is coming suddenly then she stays only 1 or 2 hours.Then she goes away…She is whim.

Article about the Project

Our project appeared on the newspaper.The article is about Project Management Committee Meeting on 6.MayOrganic farming support soughtThis is about extension this project.Now a lot of farmers in Benguet are interested inMr. Yokomori’s technologies.But this project will be end on 2010 March.So they , and of course we want to extend this projectto share his technologies for Benguet farmers.…I don’t know in the future.But i also will be happy if this project will be extended.Benguet farmers will be having better life.And also i could extend this work.hehehe :)

Agedashi Tofu


I’m prejudiced by…

I said, I will have rest this weekend.I’ll go out whole day, Saturday and Sunday.He said, you are good position. I will workI said, I have worked everyday even New year, Holiday for 2 years.He said, I have worked also last new year.I said, how about last last new year?He said, it is unfair on statistics.…I’m prejudiced by ideathat busy is very good, hard working is very good…Sometimes it’s true. But if it’s too much, it is stupid.Just getting stress.…
I cannot stand that I work everyday for how many month.I cannot stand that I stay whole day for working even Saturday, Sunday.…He has only work here.I have others here.Just it…

Meine Freundin…

Hahaha. Joke.They are my friends near my place.

How tall he is…

Guten Appetit



Mokusaku with Neem

We soaked Neem into mokusaku.First We shredded neem leaves and branches.Then we soaked them.After 6 month we will be able to use as insecticide.Mokusaku has ability to absorb substances of other plants.Neem has a lot of substances as medicine and so on.So Moksuaku absorb those substances very well.The 6 month is for absorbing time.And we must use mokusaku which is already settled. …We can spray this liquid.last time we sprayed for cucumber.It had aphids, white fry and some pest.We sprayed once a week for 1 month.We found that the liquid could control the aphids and white fry, even the pest.And the cucumber grew some new shoots even the cucumber was damaged by those insect and pest.…On that time we used neem oil.I wish we could good result even this liquid.