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Demo Farm 29. July, 2012

How big will you be tomorrow?How many days can you keep good shape?Please tell me if you get sick,,,…They don’t talk,,,We have to look at them.They don’t talk, but they show sign.

Road Condition in Benguet

On July 31, 2012Halsema Road (km16/17) – PassableAcop – Kapangan Road (Camonayan Area) – PassableKapangan – Kibungan Road -Baguio – Bokod Road (Guisset Area) – Not PassableBokod – Kabayan Road ( batenyan and Bocao Area) – Not PassableKabayan – Buguias Abatan Road (Alapang Section) – Closed as of July 30Kennon Road (Twin Peaks area) – Not PassablePoblacion – Gayasi – Bineng Road – Not Passable (Pedloaders mobilized @ 9:00Am)Alno – Tuel Road (Bekes & near Tuel Proper) – Closed 1 Loader mobilized-others-Camp5 Virac LandslideUcab LandslideNugget Hill, Ampucao LandslideOn July 31, 2012



Strawberry 29. July, 2012

No flower,,,Probably, they are sensitive to temperature…Plants are standing tall. They are on vegetative stage.It might be high fertility.…We will plant all season variety for experiment.

Strawberry 29. July, 2012



We are now making planting schedule to supply continuously.It is first time to make schedule for 1 year for every crops.It is really hard to make when it is first time,,,But we need to do and develop farming system.

Charcoal for Toilet

To absorb smell.



Demo Farm 25. July, 2012





Marketing Projectの農家の圃場をお邪魔しました。1日で8農家。全部で、20農家以上。久しぶりに歩きました。雨の中。全部、車道から20分程度。道横にあるとほっとした気分になります。山歩き。重たい野菜を運ぶのをどうしようかと思います。技術指導をどうしようかと思います。土砂崩れがあったときどうしようかと思います。安定出荷は大変な道のりです。

Grading of Cucumber

I harvested cucumber.It is total 1.25kg.We need to make grade of vegetable.Left is curving.Center is smaller.Right is good.I think…I need to practice many times.

Demo Farm 21. July, 2012

Always raining,,,1st batch of iceberg is getting older…We need to harvest proper time, especially rainy season.To harvest proper time is also needed proper fertilizer.Fertilizer of 1st batch was little bit lesser. It took longer time to be good form for harvesting.We already started harvesting cucumber.We transplanted tomato in this week under tunnel.