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The Sakura is budding.However,,, only one…They need winter..Usually in autumn they sleep.They need to experience cold winter to wake up.How can I do for them…

Guten Morgen

At morning here.There are very long line of vegetable truck to wait for unloading in Trading post.

Fröhliche Weihnachten :)

Night view of Baguio.

For the world

Why are we living on the earth..?What is the purpose of life..?What is differences between human and other animals?…Human’s life is becoming complicated.It’s not only keeping species for next generation,but also we are in human’s community.We must do also for the community.Long time ago, the community is only for family.Then expanding and expanding, like for the neighbors, then hamlet, then nation.We work for the community. It’s a sort of life for human.Now we are on the earth, we can consider whole world in the earth.And also we have a huge number of things for our life.That’s why we must think for our life more complicated.…What can we work for our community.…What I want to do is to creating for the community.Not only products, but also we can create better system, better life, and so on.Even small things I want to create.I noticed that creating is for developing.And creating makes us better life, and make our life having purpose.…What can I create…?I should have vision for my life.…

Busy to mind

I'm working here. Of course, I have to think of the work.

I use cellphone. I'm used to be using cellphone for work.

Even for others, in private.

Sometimes, I'm waiting for texts, or standing by ringtone.

It means I'm busy to mind texting or calling. Actually it might not be busy.

But My thinking is standing by them.

I cannot think of other thing s deeply,

always the mind which is mind of ringtone,

cut my deep thinking, or concentration.


It's like poison. I'm sick of text-addict.

Even if i try not to think of ringtones, my mind is full by cellphone...

It's really mental problem..

I need to independent from cellphone.

It's just communication tool.

But I might be under the control of the tool...


It's just a tool, not more and less... It's just a tool..

Oil Price Increasing (Slight Oil Shock..)

Oil price is increasing in the world market.But government announced the price keeps price of now.Because of typhoon calamities. If oil price increases, peoples will be harder to live.But gas company cannot afford oil that price.All of oil is imported, and the price is increasing.They will get negative if they sell oil on this price.Then now gas stations in manila are starting to close.And peoples are buying fuel as stock. Government might give the announce for peoples life.But the announcement is wrong I think…They should consider deeply. Not only peoples benefits, but also other benefits in this country and also in the world.I understand we need oil for our life. Then here is special situation now.I think that government could support or assistant for peoples life. not control market.And other things, we must produce our consumes in our country as much as possible.Here, most of consumes are imported.Peoples are working foreign countries. Then They send money to here.And the money is…

Do you easily trust someones?

Yes, and No, sometimes.

Of course I'm human, I cannot say 100%.

But at first, I feel the first inspiration, of course.

If the person is not extreme strange, I would trust them.

But sometimes, I cannot trust one who is too kind or something like that.

But even if I doubt them, I also feel not good, always negative.

Because, if you doubt someones, the thinking is endless negative.

Ich habe schwach kopf.

I don't like to think too much. I'll get tired.

So I don't think of back of their mind. Even though,

I still feel it some.

It's already enough for me to think so much.

and I prefer direct way.

It's really simple and the best way, I think.

If I lie, I will ever keep it.

I will never show that is lie.

So the lying is too heavy for me.

I don't want to keep the heaviness.

And I cannot hide my feelings. It's good but also bad...


I'm not good person. I get mad, I doubt, I lie,

even I think very ideal things.

But also i feel regrets when i did those things.

Even though,I still …

At last… At last…?

At last, our municipality will have convenience store, 7 eleven.It is a proof of developed town.hahaha. maybe…It is really convenient. 24 hours opened.But all are quite expensive than others…And here, there are a lot  of  small shops, sali sali store.I have rarely been to 7 eleven in Philippines for more than 2 years.I don’t feel it’s so convenient…Anyway, they decide to open here.Here will become brighter and people gathers here even at night..Actually…. I wanted them to install chowking……Why do 7 eleven come here…?This place is little bit far from main place in La Trinidad.You take around 5 minutes from main place.And main place has stores.You can buy most of things there what you can buy at 7 eleven…The merit is only 24 hour opened, I think…Or…Is it not so expensive there compared to sali sali stores?…


It is special biscuit.It is only for emergency of disaster.One piece has more than 200 kcal. But not so sweet.I like the taste… But it’s just biscuit… almost same as ordinary biscuits…Usually, we cannot eat it. because for special.. even we cannot buy it anywhere.However,,, This biscuits is made in Turkey.You might find there…=)


After typhoon…This area, in Benguet and also Baguio are isolated now.Because landslide at 3 main roads to lowland.These 3 roads are cut now.So that noone can come to here, even meat, vegetable, gasoline, and everything.Now most of store has none stock.They don’t sell meat, vegetable and diesel.Some gas stations are already closed, the reason of none stock.I cannot estimate how many days do they need to open these roads.And also at sison, a bridge was wash out. i”m not sure how situation there.It might be destroyed or just wash out..…Anyway we must just wait for opening these roads, and recover everywhere..

Nach dem Taifun

At last, last Saturday, the typhoon passed…In this area had a lot of landslides.It is really calamity…At puguis, there was big landslide, and almost 100 people were under ground, or in the soil…My neighbour before were died,,, the family… They are still young…I met them in a church.I tried to imagine house  moving, landslide, and something…,but i just can imagine…It was really terrible……And other place, there was also landslide.I could see it very near.a house was sliding.This house was stand beside a house which is a top on that landslide area. There are still 2 houses in the soil.Total 4 houses were affected by landslide.This typhoon, i thought not so strong, the problem was too long storm.That’s why many landslides happened……Condolence..


In my place was flooded.All strawberry and vegetable were destroyed by typhoon.And ground floor of this apartment was also flooded.In betag area, too..


It's complicated...

Consumers, officer, and researchers are particuler about purely organic farming. It's a ideal. But on farmers side, farming is not scientific matter. It's agricultural business. There is a gap between the 2 of them. And also there is a gap between goverment project and business... What is purpose for project...


My friend told me before.He said saving money is equal saving stress.If you get stress, you also get money.If you alleviate stress, your money also go away.On that time, I couldn’t believe it.But now I can understand a little.It’s not really truth, but it’s a part of a truth.HahahaNow i’m using more money than before.I’m feeling lesser stress. hahahaMy stress also going away.Maybe the idea is true.But the other hands, it’s also true that if you are busy, you can save money.It’s not considering about stress.Maybe busy is not same to getting stress…I don’t know about it yet…

The same

I know about Japan and philippines country. and also some other places.
I think everywhere in the world has almost same situation.
I thought Filipinos working is late and always delay.
But when I went manila, the workers are working even after 17:00, sometimes 20:00 or 23:00. They are also hard worker. Of course not everyone.
I went GSIS office also. They are too lazy. hahaha...
They don't work well, or don't work as normal. It is same in Japan...
I hate it. I waste a lot of time in the office.
In countryside, province, their time is little bit slow, or really slow.
They don't mind it or they mind individually. But for the group, for the total, it is not functioning.
I mean even someones are strict for the time, other people's time is slow, so they must allow the others..

I think farmers, too.
Most of farmers in Japan are normal farmer. But some farmers are progressing or industrious for agricultural business and technology.
Even here in philippines has same situation.
Some farmers…

Hai de Nai

Last Friday, I was thinking of something...

When I was born, my grand mother was visit the hospital.

And I think my parents was very happy. hahaha

Then when i was growing up, my grand father was expecting my future...


But now... How am I...?


I might make unhappy/worrying to them...

Especially last year...

when my grand mother died, I didn't go back Japan for her funeral...

I regret it... Why i didn't go back...

Family must be most important, the priority...


And also I think that do I have any talent...?

I'm not good to explain myself. not good to make communication. u.s.w...


Do I make someones happy...?


It's really first time that i really don't want to be older...

But I cannot do anything... The time doesn't stop, even back.

Just it goes on to somewhere.

I must follow it...

But why was I born on 1981...?

Hahaha... Quatch!!

It's just fate.

Just fate... No others... Just...

Special Holiday

Today, 07.September.2009 becomes holiday…Because of the funeral of the leader of a religious group…Then Philippines government announced 07.September would be holiday, on last Friday.What is that? Why do they change to holiday?They make holiday, very easily…I don’t know the person is so important person. But not president, not emperor, not king…This holiday, just good for government employee. They don’t need to work.Just it.Can you believe it? Government often makes special holiday.Unglablich ist es.Scheiße!!!…It might be reason of election next year…Or… I don’t know.However, I just cannot believe government  makes special holiday just the funeral of the leader of a religious group.Maybe I just cannot imagine how important is religion in their life.But It is just one of religions in Philippines……Anyway, It’s special holiday today.


This black is tar. Today we clean inside of fan. There is a lot of tar... The tar is one of ingredients of tobacco...

In market

Our vegetable are sold here, at hanger market in baguio. I could bring only 1 crates. But almost every morning.
If you bring huge amount at once, market side has big waste, sometimes. So it's better to deliver good amount for the market, and also almost always. They could sell fresh vegetable everyday.
It's benefit for consumers.
Produces must think consumer's/market's benefit.

Why are you so strong now?

Why are you strong today? It's very nice. You can collect a lot of mokusaku. But why...? Always you don't breathe smoke out... Maybe just started to burn...?

The Value

Today, i got a postcard from my friend.I was happy today.Because of the postcard.It’s already antique…You need to take long time to write.Arriving is very late.If you send e-mail or SMS, you can send how many times more than letter.However…I could think the time. During your friend was writing with thinking. And the way from there to here.And the moment I open envelope, to read the inside.All parts of letter/postcard are special, unlike others……In Philippines, there are a lot of service of cell phone.You can send a lot of text with no payment.You can call with no payment…You can send SMS anytime, call anytime.Those are also good. But I might feel them with cheap sometimes……I could feel something warm from the letters.…Dziękuję za list :))


The richest time. This Jeepney is running only for me. Hehehe.
It's cause of bad environment and traffic...
I like Jeepney. I think it's safe. If you pay money, passengers hand your payment to driver. Noone steals the money. Even if driver mistakes the change, everyone returns it. And even if it's full, they make space for passenger. It's very nice community in Jeepney.

Neues Tag

Being alone

How many hours in a day are we being really alone...? To think deeply of myself... I don't have the time, even i'm alone. But suddenly i think to want to send text to someone, or to contact someone... I cannot be really alone... Before, i could have that time to think of myself and other things. But i'm not already used to be that. Why...? Am i busy? Am i lazy? Am i stupid? Do i not see my future...? Even though my mind is becoming closer, to keep myself... I cannot open my mind for others... And... Even though, i cannot endure being alone... I want someone to care of me... But sometimes not... I'm used to be alone... But also i feel lonely... I have only one heart, but it seems the heart to be broken up... Who am i...? What do i have...? Does something need me...? ... I don't know...

Egal egal egal...

I was not enjoying there... I was worrying you were enjoying or not... Even when i watched there, i don't remember anything. I was just thinking of... I couldn't understand what you were talking with them... I'm afraid of everything... I know i always mistook same things... But i cannot improve myself... I wish... If there were no language in the world... But... I hate myself. Even if i try to do for you, i just have regrets... It's better that i don't do anything... So i'm not hurt, you are not hurt... I have nothing. I am just here... Even i'm not here, the world is going on... Noone needs me...

Dump site

Here is a dump site in our municipallity... Our garbage are coming to here. They just collect all of garbage, then waste here. There are all kinds of garbage, kitchen waste, bottle, plastic, paper can and any kinds...
We must know it. And we must consider our environment.
What shall we do...?

Facility for agriculture

Tublay municiparity constructed composting and mokusaku plant.
Today it is launching ceremony here.
They produce mokusaku and compost. Then they provide to farmers. Here, they don't have vegetable garbage, so they collect grass from mountain or any area.
It's very nice first step for better farming. But anyway this facility must be for farmers. I hope here will be going on very well for farmers.


Here, in la trinidad, has a trading post. Most of vegetable from highland is passing this place to be sold to vegetable dealers.
So they are making a lot of vegetable waste here. Almost 50 tons per day.
This municipality dispose those waste. They damp some of its. They make compost by some of its. This facility is composting plant. Those machine is called bio reactor. Vegetable waste and some other dry matters are mixing and fermenting in this machine. This machine can dispose 1ton vegetable waste per day. After 24 hours, it lets out. But there is a problem. Material has too much water. So it's too difficult to ferment. That's why the compost has bad odor, and must be mixed to ferment to be finish product. Now our project is experimenting better fermentation system, with lower cost and faster fermentation.


A friend is
never a coincidence in your life.they are
once a
meant to
come into
your life, to bring you priceless
lessons and funny memories...


Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at youlive life so well that even death loves to see you liveand fight so hard that even fate accepts its defeat.



No one
is rich enough
to buy back
the past..
if you
the courage
to do
would be
the richest one


I had a visitor from tabuk. He attended a seminar for mokusaku for livestock. According to him, he had malaria. He took 20mL mokusaku with 1 glass of water, 3 times a day when he had fever. And following day, the fever was stopped. He said it's reason of mokusaku.
I cannot say it's true, but it is one possibility. But there is some report about mokusaku. Mokusaku may controll virus, bacteria, and also protozoa.
Does someone research it? Hehehe:)

Coconuts shell

We're using coconuts shell to produce mokusaku. In japan, they are using wood. But here we cannot cut any wood. They say the reason of green effect gas. But i think it's little bit different. The reason is also collect. But woods collect carbon from air. It's just a cycle of carbon. The problem is carbon from oil. Oil is from underground. And the carbon is from long long time ago. On that time, a lot of woods collected carbon from air, and stocked as oil and gas. That's why the earth cooled down. But now we are consuming that stock. I think the biggest problem for global warming.
Anyway, we burn garbage to collect beneficial liquid. The liquid makes safe vegetable, and also any other good effect.


It is inside Mokusaku collector.We must clean inside up every 2-3 month.Because tar sticks surface of chamber.Those black is tar…It is from smoke.It is very sticky and if it’s dried, it’s so hard.And It is very difficult to remove it……Anyway, It’s tar…


I can eat food everyday.
I am protected by house from rain and wind.
It's the base to live better.
I have them. So i could enjoy to jog. I could feel happy when i'm in tender sun rise light with very nice music.
In the world, there are a lot of people who cannot do anything over their basic living...
How we could change it...

Repair my computer

My computer had a problem. It cannot read DVD... When i open tray of DVD driver, immediatly it closes... Apay ngay...? I cannot insert DVD as you open...just a moment... I checked my computer inside. The problem is converter SATA to IDE... You must not buy any converter here. The quality is very bad... So i needed 3 SATA. I was looking for new mother board.
I bought one. Expenses again... It's very good for philippines economy. Because it's common to destroy, break, and problem. You must buy another again. So factories produce more gadget, except quality... I cannot use 5 years 10 years...
Anyway, i replaced mother board and set it up. I hope no more problem to read DVD...


I watched eclipse. Hehe. My first experience. On this time, the moon is covering the sun. But not perfect... Schade... Okinawa, china and some other region, you could see perfect eclipse. Ich beneide sich. According to news, this eclipse is the best in this century. Ay... It's once a life... I didn't have any glasses... But fortunatly, it's cloudy. So i could see the sun. I couldn't take a picture... Anyway the vision is in my heart. Hehehe.

Mangan tayo.

Mangan tayo. BBQ. Ich liebe sich.

Compost demo plant

It's renovated ventilation pipe. Last time we had problem that juice from compost flowed into the pipe to blower. So the blower was destroyed.
We check this new system, air goes into compost and there are some other problem.


I'm hungry... I could eat gyudon in Yoshinoya. It's beef with rice. Isonga naymas. It's typical japanese fast food. Mangan tayo:)

Mangan tayo

Es ist gute Zeit mit einem Freund aus Japan.
Mangan tayo.
They are singing good songs.

Meine Freundin

She is too cute. Her voice is so sweet.When she is singing, I feel warm. And She is sparkling.Ich liebe sich.I love her song.…But… she is now sick…Doctor couldn’t cure her…I need to buy something for her.Agray ka. I will cure you.




The 2 hardest tests
on the road of life:The patience to wait
for the right moments,and the courage not
to be disappointed
by what you encounter...

Danke schön

Today there was an event, cordiellera day. It's a foundation day of this region.
Just yesterday DA informed me about it. We should display project vegetable. I asked project farmers to bring vegetable to display. And I sent staff to take care of it. I was so rush to prepare it...
I went to the event this morning. I was not feeling well. Because... Any. It's o.k. And just now the event is finished. I was supposed to be there to bring everything. But i was late. A companion texted me. I asked already finish there or not. She said finished, and staff are also on way to home. I said thank you. She said you are always welcome.
I felt happy on that time. I don't know why. But i think the reason is that i said thank you.
I was very hard time past weeks. But just a moment i released the hardship when i said thank you.
It it the most important word.
I just understand it...

At a Repair Shop

Now my treasure has a problem. She makes noise sometimes. So i brought her in hospital. A doctor said no problem. Because he couldn't see the phenomenon. But i requested him to observe her. So he was observing her.
After how many minutes, she was singing a song on the time, she made the noise, too. It's funny. The song is sad song for me, even it is happy song. The song is linked by sad experience. I'm trying to overcome it. I was smiling on that time when it made the noise. It's like coincidence... I'm not sure it's exact word... Anyway, she is in hospital now. I hope she will get well.

What is very happy things.

I always deriver vegetable to a store.Even the vegetable is only small amount.Always it is same price than others.Today I delivered lettuce.The owner of the store said “Those lettuce are very nice and fresh. I try to sell higher than the others.”Now, most of them are selling iceberg lettuce on 40 pesos.So they buy from others 25-30.I think from farmers it is 20-25.That’s why I was very happy because from farm to store, i could sell 40.Because of the freshness and beauty.And also, he asked me to deliver more.It also means that the vegetable are appreciated by buyers.I want to make it continuously.

Ganz egal...

I had hardship a month ago...

I couldn't be fine yet...

How can I forget it...

I was always thinking of it...

I want to talk to anybody about it.

But I don't want also...

Because it is not gentle.

I don't want to do it.

But also I want to forget or overcome it.

The life is too difficult...

I thought it is simple, if we go on right way...

if it's true, I didn't choice right way.

There was a reason for her what happened it.

But I don't know.

Not only it, I had had similar things...

I cannot ask her about it.

I still have the hard mind in part of my heart.

I have an idea what i want to say...


I mustn't.

It's very hard for me now...

How can I do...?


That's why I cannot contact her well already.

My mind cannot return before.

How can I do...?


Only the thing is dominating my mind...

Es ist egal…18

The life always goes on its way.We cannot control it. It is going  by itself.We are just on flow of the stream.We could steer ourselves, but just a little, just a while…How much I wish, if I could control the life…I cannot do it.I’m just ride the stream…Just on the way to sea.Sometimes I can see stones, fishes, flowers and other stream.But it is no longer… Just a moment.They come here suddenly, and they leave soon.We need to go to sea, even if we have a lot of farewell.…Anyway, there is new crossing.…And also new farewell…

Es ist egal...17


Hands-on Training for Bokashi Preparation

We had training for Bokashi Preparation this morning.First, Mr. Yokomori was talking what bokashi is,and for what on his lecture.Then we had demonstrated at the site in wangal.Today it is only mixing materials.We need to follow up depends upon the Bokashi condition.The participants were almost 50 persons.They are BSU students, La Trinidad Farmers, LATOP farmers, Tublay farmers, LA Trinidad agriculturist and agricultural staff, Provincial agriculturist and agricultural staff, and Tublay agriculturist.…I thought this training was very special.Because, BSU conducted, La Trindad sponsored, Province provided site.So all units in La Trinidad are helping us.I was glad it very much.Thank you very much.And I know some participated farmers.It means The farmers are interested in Mr. Yokomori’s technologies.I hope they will practice actual.Even if they attend good seminar,the most important things is that they will practice themselves or not.If they do actual, the seminar succeeded.I wish to see …


This grapes are in Bineng.A project farmer is planting it.おいしそう・・・

Meine Träume

I want to be a farmer to produce delicious vegetable.I want to be a vegetable dealer for farmers to have better income.I want to be a farmers supplier to sell good products for cheaper.I want to be a manager of library for childrento know more things about the world.I want to make a system to provide lunch in school.I want to supply healthy food.I want to have the best family :)

Article on 21. June.

There is an article again on Baguio Midland Courier.The writer is talking an opinion.The opinion is that Mr. Yokomori was talking for Benguet farmers.It is about soil enrichment (Japanese word is “Tsuchi dukuri”)Here, Benguet is called salad Bowl in Philippines.But it might be destroyed the name, because of wrong farming method.So Mr. Yokomori is teachingright farming method, sustainable farming method.It is not difficult way. It is easy way.Anybody can do it, if you work patient.Being patient is basic of farming.I think not only farming, but also any kinds work.…This project is making his dream in Benguet.But the most important is farmers.Even DA, even Province, even LGU, are very interested in his idea, Benguet farmers should follow his technologies for themselves.His technologies are based on his farming.…But It is the most difficult things…It is the most important problem.

衝動買い wieder

auf Deutschland wieder.Hehehe :P


auf Deutschland.Hehehe :)

Bokashi Preparation

We will be having Demo-Training on 23. June. At somewhere…Now we are selecting the venue.This Demo-Training are conducted by BSU and this project.Why is the venue not at BSU?Because…There is a problem.…Anyway.…Bokashi is a one of Organically fertilizer made of rice bran.Bokashi’s effect is to give nutrients and beneficially micro-organismsfor the soil.


Heidenai!!It continues to rain…I experienced this first time…It was very strong storm…But it was not typhoon.It was just monsoon rain…This rain continued for 3 days……I had a desire… I wanted to ride bicycle on this road…Maybe next time :P


Source of life is based on food.The food is same to medicine.So you should take good food for your health.…It is meaning of the word.…If you always eat meat, especially fat,you may have diseases,for example, diabetic, high blood, etc.…Vegetables have variety of nutrition.Fiber, vitamins, minerals, and like.Those nutrition make your health.…But the most important is to continue.You will not have the result if you don't continue.…When I was in Germany, Someone told me.“You are already 3 month here. So You are already German.Because you have always eaten German food.Your body is already made by German food.”I’m not sure it is correct.But anyway you need to continue 3 month, 1 yearor more to have result of nutrition by food.…Most of people knows vegetables are good for health,and also the result.But most of the people is not continuing.It’s too difficult for us to continue……We first make our habits, and then our habits make John Dryden


<食中毒対策>カンピロバクター 鶏肉の生食やめると予防に効果 食品安全委が注意喚起yahooより。そもそも、鶏肉を生で食べるのか、と思ったけれど・・・食中毒。カンピロバクターにひかれました。奴は、動物の腸内に住んでいて、人間の体の中に入ると悪さをする。おなか痛くなったり、熱がでたり。で、プロジェクトで炭と木酢にお世話になっていていろいろ情報が入ってきます。・・・木酢と炭粉末を家畜のえさに1.5%くらい混ぜると、体内の悪い細菌を殺したり、除去したりして抗生物質を使わなくても健康なウシやブタやニワトリが生産される。・・・たとえば、ニワトリの体内のサルモネラ菌を完全に除去できたり、Eliminating the carriage of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis in domestic fowls by feeding activated charcoal from bark containing wood vinegar liquid (Nekka-Rich).仔牛や豚の下痢を予防したり、Control of Bovine Cryptosporidiosis by Feeding Activated Charcoal from the Bark Containing Wood Vinegar Liquid (Nekka-Rich)そんなこんなで、炭と木酢はすごいようです。・・・しかも、今、巷で大流行のインフルエンザにも良いようです。動物で・・・この前、鳥インフルエンザが流行っていた時に、炭と木酢をやっていたニワトリ畜舎で、鳥インフルエンザが出なかったようです。・・・動物にもいいようだったら人にも良いと思う・・・炭と木酢。

めっちゃ便利 『キングソフト 辞書』


Extension of the Project

JICA asked to extend projectIn this week, there are article about this project extension.Now Governor, all of Mayors in Benguet and many persons are pushing to extend this project.Mr. Yokomori’s technologies are very helpful for the farmers.…I’m wondering…How are farmers thinking of this project…?Some farmers are very interested in his technologies.Some farmers are already practicing the technologies.Many people are very interested in Mokusaku.How about others…?I mean other technologies, especially soil enrichment.And also many other farmers…They might not know this project.But we conducted a lot of training, and seminar.I don’t know how many percent of the participants are practicing the technologies……Mr. Yokomori is always telling me that it is very difficult to let farmers change.…We could only make demonstration for farmers to observe those technologies…Most of farmers are saying "I cannot believe it before I see in real.”…It is a farmer’s mental.…Anyway it is a most importan…

It’s an ordinary day…

It’s an ordinary day…She is coming suddenly then she stays only 1 or 2 hours.Then she goes away…She is whim.

Article about the Project

Our project appeared on the newspaper.The article is about Project Management Committee Meeting on 6.MayOrganic farming support soughtThis is about extension this project.Now a lot of farmers in Benguet are interested inMr. Yokomori’s technologies.But this project will be end on 2010 March.So they , and of course we want to extend this projectto share his technologies for Benguet farmers.…I don’t know in the future.But i also will be happy if this project will be extended.Benguet farmers will be having better life.And also i could extend this work.hehehe :)

Agedashi Tofu


I’m prejudiced by…

I said, I will have rest this weekend.I’ll go out whole day, Saturday and Sunday.He said, you are good position. I will workI said, I have worked everyday even New year, Holiday for 2 years.He said, I have worked also last new year.I said, how about last last new year?He said, it is unfair on statistics.…I’m prejudiced by ideathat busy is very good, hard working is very good…Sometimes it’s true. But if it’s too much, it is stupid.Just getting stress.…
I cannot stand that I work everyday for how many month.I cannot stand that I stay whole day for working even Saturday, Sunday.…He has only work here.I have others here.Just it…

Meine Freundin…

Hahaha. Joke.They are my friends near my place.

How tall he is…